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This Earth is a pretty cool place just the way it is. We love to Experience it and make it simple for others to Experience it too. Why? ... Scroll down for more.

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Here at Experience Earth we strive to offer a simple, safe and fun service to get you into places on this earth you may think are too far off the beaten track;  places that seem too hard to get to or difficult to organise.  

Why?  Because these are places we also thought we would never be able to reach. After Experiencing first-hand the natural wonders on this earth and interacting with the local people, we realised we can help you to own this Experience also! 

                                                                                  Our company started out with a family Christmas trekking in the Himalayas


We started out Experiencing a family Christmas/New Year season trekking in the Himalayan mountains and have now grown to an international company aiming to make your journey enjoyable and stress free!

It's easy!

From home you get a taste of the destination on the screen, make your choice and book with us, then we take care of arranging all the details of your adventure.  All you have to do is get yourself to the destination, then we take care of arranging everything else for you, for the remainder of the trip.  

During the trek, all you need to do is accept the physical challenge and enjoy the surroundings.  Ecotourism at its best!  Our teams of guides and porters are all born of the mountains, so they are extremely familiar with their surroundings and environment across all seasons.  As they lead you through jaw dropping landscapes and share stories of their lifestyles, culture and cuisine, we encourage you to take the opportunity to connect with nature and challenge yourself, while experiencing the lifestyles of these kind and caring communities.  All we ask of you is to respect the environment, respect the local people, trust our team, give back to the area and the people where you can; and have fun!!

We do like to share our story and the experiences we have had, so please - contact us below or via Facebook and we can shed a little more light on what makes us tick.

 Your team at Experience Earth.